Retractable Bollards

Supamaxx Bollards provide a vast majority of security requirements from general to high security protection needs.

When it comes to bollards, Supamaxx is the most trusted supplier in Australia. With customers including Woolworths, Coles and Westgate shopping centres, we have demonstrated our commitment to security and safety, and would like to help your business enjoy the same benefits.

Retractable bollards are a type of bollard that can be manually raised or lowered to control vehicle access to an area. They are typically used in areas where there is a need for both security and flexibility, such as parking lots, pedestrian areas, and emergency vehicle access points.

Our retractable bollards come in a variety of coating options including galvanised, powder coated and stainless steel, all of which provide rust and UV protection.

Various Ranges of Retractable Bollards

Unlike some other temporary bollards, retractable bollards are totally flush with the ground once lowered. This reduces the risk of a trip hazard and makes them ideal for areas with frequent pedestrian traffic such as walkways. They are easily raised and lowered via a tamper-proof key system, meaning all of your staff can control access at any time if needed. Our range of retractable bollards include:
  • Galvanised Retractable Bollards
    • 90 mm height
    • 165 mm height
  • Powder Coated Retractable Bollards
    • 90 mm height
    • 165 mm height
  • Stainless Steel Retractable Bollards
    • 90 mm height
    • 168 mm height
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