A.T.M. Security Fixed Bollard SS 140 FA ATM 1500

Supamaxx™ A.T.M. Security bollard has been specially designed to impede and prevent the breaching of A.T.M’s. This bollard has a 3.4mm wall thickness and with its reinforced steel cross inserts, encased in Supamaxx unique barrier mix, is manufactured to have increased structural integrity and the ability to impede attempted breaches of A.T.M.s. Combined with this is a discreet architectural profile with pure functionality.

Supamaxx’s A.T.M. fixed bollard can be cast into concrete or retro fitted into
an existing concrete slab.

We offer a complete installation service, Australia wide, or can assist you with advice on installation techniques for our product range. Unless otherwise specified all Supamaxx’s Stainless Steel Bollard range is made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel. Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel is available on request.

We recommend you always obtain tailored advice from one of our professional
staff to ensure you purchase the most suitable product for your specific needs.

SS140FAATM – 1500 A.T.M. Security Bollard

Technical Data SS 140 FA ATM - 1500

Product Code

SS140FAATM – 1500

Wall Thickness


Outside Diameter


Nominal Bore



Width: 141.3mm
Above Ground: 900mm
Below Ground: 600mm
Overall Length: 1500mm

Internal Compound Composition

Reinforced Steel Cross inserts, encased in Supamaxx barrier mix.


Stainless Steel


Level 4 Linished

Commonly Used:

Accessories For Fixed Bollards

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Stainless Steel Chain


Stainless Steel Split Link

Reflective Tape


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