Fold Down Bollard

If you have areas which require restricted traffic control, but still need to be accessible by vehicles, fold down bollards are an excellent option. These bollards are sturdy when upright, but can be collapsed easily to allow access for authorised vehicles.

When it comes to non-fixed bollards, Supamaxx’s powder-coated collapsible bollards are an extremely popular choice.

Collapsible/Folding Parking Bollards

Supamaxx’s folding parking bollards are the perfect option for those looking to secure parking spots, driveways, laneways or other spaces accessible to traffic. Collapsing down to a height of just 85mm when laying flat, even standard cars are able to drive and park over the top without risking damage to the underside of the vehicle when installed on flat level ground.

Covered with a rust resistant, UV-stablised powder coating, the exterior of your fold down bollards will last for years without damage. While our powder-coating comes in a standard bright yellow for safety purposes, we can customise it to any colour to match your building or property’s visual aesthetic.

Overall, fold down bollards provide a convenient and effective solution for temporary access needs while also providing security and protection against unauthorised vehicle access. To find out how our collapsible bollards can improve the security of your business, or to receive a competitive quote, contact Supamaxx today.

Fold Down Bollard: Powder Coated

Product Code



4 x 12 (Not included) 







Height (when Folded)

85mm off ground when laying flat. 

Base Plate

300mm Square


Zinc Primed Mild Steel Pipe


Powder Coated

Common Uses

  • Car dealerships
  • Warehouse premises
  • Traffic control application

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Fold Down Bollard
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All Supamaxx ™ Base Plate bollards can be fitted to an existing concrete slab using masonry or chemical anchors.

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