Supamaxx Bicycle Parking

Supamaxx Bicycle Parking products offer a range of solutions across all commercial and retail requirements.

Supamaxx supplies a wide range of commercial grade bicycle parking and mounting options, perfect for businesses or homes where bicycles are a feature of daily life. These options include:

Whether you’d like a powder-coat, galvanised or stainless steel finish, we can do it all. Contact us to discuss the details of your needs so we can get your order just right.

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Bike Storage Racks

While you have no doubt considered the parking situation for your car-driving clients, have you done the same for those who ride bikes? Due to the increasing awareness of climate change, cycling is growing in popularity as a form of transportation. As such, it is essential for businesses to provide bicycle owners with a safe, secure and stylish place to park their bikes.

All of Supamaxx’s range of bike storage racks are designed here in Australia, following strict manufacturing guidelines. This means that you’re not only receiving the highest quality product, but also one that can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Depending on a variety of factors, we can recommend a bike storage rack that will work perfectly in your space. We will discuss the space available, how many bikes will need to be stored, cost, appearance and more to assist you in finding the best possible storage solution.

Various Range of Bike Storage Racks

Supamaxx’s range of bike storage racks include floor rails, multi racks and single or double decker vertical racks.

Floor rails are sleek and stylish, storing up to 2 bikes. Available in round, semicircular, arch or square and able to be installed in small spaces, there is an option for every business.

With Suparacks, you can store between 3 and 10 bicycles with our range of sizes. Both strong and aesthetically pleasing, you get the best of both worlds.

If space is truly at a premium, our vertical and double decker bike racks will save floor space and store more bikes per metre.

Wall Mount

In addition to floor storage, Supamaxx also produces and installs a range of wall mount bike racks, perfect for those with minimal square footage.

To discuss your options and receive a comprehensive quote, contact Supamaxx today.