Slimline Rising Semi Manual Bollard

No Mains Power Needed.

The new technology breakthrough in shallow mount rising bollard systems, it will keep bollard systems and ground work costs to a fraction of the old large systems.

This new patent pending bollard rising system is designed by our new Micro Engineering Division to cope with today’s demand for shallow mount systems in both manual and hydraulic systems.

A new shallow rising bollard, it will stop a 7.5 ton truck at 30 mph or 48 km at 90 degrees from breaking through the security line. This system will also reduce the need to re-divert utilities. The system is one of the most economical on the market for both bollard systems and installation. It is also very low maintenance, once fitted as a stand alone single unit, it can follow the contours of the ground. 


Semi Manual Bollard can be raised with an 18 volt cordless drill. Without the need for mains power. After impact if the bollard or any parts in the system are damaged all the parts can be removed from the outer case that is concreted into the foundation and replaced. When fitted with a stainless steel bollard cover it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Slimline Rising Semi Manual Specification:

Height Above Ground: 850mm

Footing Depth: Only 400mm

Options: Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Shrouds

Commonly used for:

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Slimline Rising
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