Car Immobiliser 30

Single Mount Removable Bollard

This can be fitted in a single or long runs, it is the only 200 deep single removable car park bollard in the market to date. It is an ideal solution to protect the retail shops, banks, sports stadiums, cash machine (atm’s) and all accidental impacts.
On low impacts the spring bollard will not need replacing as it will return to its original position.

The shallow foundation will reduce the need to re-divert utilities. The system is small and easy to install keeping installation cost low. Once fitted and covered with a stainless steel shroud it is aesthetically pleasing and will need no maintenance, for access to maintenance area the bollard can be removed easily.

Car Immobiliser 30 Specification:

Height Above Ground: 850mm

Width: 110mm

Footing Depth: Only 200mm

Options: Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Shrouds

Commonly used for:


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HVM Car Immobiliser 30 Single Mount Removable Bollard

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