The Versatile M30 & M50 Bollards

The M30 and M50 allow pedestrians to enter unhindered with the option for vehicle traffic to be stopped. Due to their attractive designs the bollards can be used in inner city surroundings for city security and traffic management. Applications can range from temporary closing of city centres, but still allowing vehicles with permission to pass, to real estate properties with high security needs. These products are widely used for military sites, government buildings, embassies, banks and city centers.


The crash bollard M30 is designed for high security applications and has a height of 1000 mm. The bollard M50 is able to take an even higher impact load and has a height of 1100 mm.

All Supamaxx bollards can be supplied with different control features or can be integrated into existing security systems. 

For further information call Supamaxx on 1300 22 55 21

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