Industrial Security Solutions

Breaches in security arise from theft, vandalism, sabotage and industrial espionage. Despite their high-security necessities, companies are often positioned in industrial zones which commonly reside outside residential areas, this scenario enabling potential offences. Additionally, properties that are stored in outdoor areas are often not adequately protected and, in some cases, not insured. It is a growing trend to consider all areas within your perimeter should fall within your security plan.

Integrated security for industrial sites

Gone are the days where a general fence would suffice. Today, with the worlds technological and vehicle advances, they are no longer enough and can be easily destroyed or overcome. Supamaxx’s high-security products provide a combined perimeter security solution, ensuring each permanent site protection against unauthorised access. Supamaxx’s products offer complete and dependable concepts that are easily integrated into existing security systems. Such products include; type-tested gates, vehicle barriers and custom-made fence construction like; tamper-proof detection arrangements for extensive outdoor monitoring.

Traffic bollards, turnstiles and entrance control

Another essential component in supporting the logistic requirements of industrial premises is controlling access. Supamaxx’s products include; traffic bollards and turnstiles or the site could use a combination of passage control with appropriate planning.

Perimeter security for industrial sites is becoming increasingly relevant, with carpools, machinery, goods and raw materials such as steel and aluminium plants on a constant cycle of boom in many parts of Australia and around the world. The must for an integrated security solution is mainly due to significant growth in worth within industry. Supamaxx’s long and tested experience with industry security offers clients internationally tested and certified high-security products and solutions for securing such premises.

Industrial Security Products

Boom Gates

Supamaxx ™ Boom Gate is ideal for both commerical and Industrial applications.

Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops

Supamaxx offers a wide range of wheel stops, with different colours and materials available Including 100% Recycled materials now an option. 

Security Gates

swing gate

Supamaxx™ Swing Gates offer high quality perimeter protection to ensure that your entrance points are both well protected and accessible. 

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