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In operation for two decades, Supamaxx remain a leading provider of perimeter security solutions in Australia. Locally designed and manufactured, our premium security bollards can be found across Melbourne, including high profile settings and locations with significant foot and vehicle traffic.

Bollards are a versatile security solution that offer vital protection from vehicle crashes, intrusion and ram raids. These structures can be installed at schools, shopping centres, supermarkets, universities, public parking lots and private residences.

Supamaxx sell bollards of various styles, sizes and finishes, including both fixed and removable options. We can also customise products to meet the specific functional and spatial requirements of the property in question.


Supamaxx Bollards provide a vast majority of security requirements from general to high security protection needs.

Australian Made Parking Bollards in Melbourne

Whether you need to restrict access on a permanent basis or install remote controlled automated car space bollard, Supamaxx are the premier source for parking bollards in Melbourne. In a public setting, parking bollards are essential to ensure unauthorised vehicles are restricted from parking in your car spaces.

Our bollards are available in a variety of different materials, including powder coated, stainless steel, plastic, galvanised, and stainless steel with a sloping top. The Supamaxx range also comes with various fixed or retractable/removable alternatives that offer excellent versatility.

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Removable Bollards for Melbourne Properties

Across the board, bollards are an excellent way to safeguard your property from damage and unwanted intrusion. Should you only require them for specific instances or time periods, we strongly recommend that you invest in removable bollards. Available across Melbourne, our bollards are renowned for their quality and ability to withstand real-world challenges.

Varying in form, style and finish, Supamaxx bollards are versatile and adaptive to a variety of circumstances. Our most common 90mm removable range can weigh as little as 11 kg through to our Ram Raid HD90R that comes in at 19.9 kg and has stopped large 4wd in their tracks. If you are unsure as to which best suits your circumstances, please reach out to our team and we can point you in the right direction.

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Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

Stainless Steel Removable Range
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Stainless Steel Slopping Fixed Range
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