Supamaxx Provides Premium Bollards in Dandenong

Looking for bollards in Dandenong to protect your business, control traffic access and increase security? Supamaxx is here to help. Our massive range of bollards means you’re guaranteed to find a perfect option for your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about Supamaxx and the variations of bollards we sell.


Supamaxx Bollards provide a vast majority of security requirements from general to high security protection needs.

Looking for Bollards for Sale in Dandenong? Choose Supamaxx

Supamaxx’s range of bollards for sale will allow Dandenong business owners to feel confident in the security of their businesses. We design, manufacture and quality test every bollard here in Australia, so all of our products are aligned with Australian standards.

Our bollards aren’t only functionally exceptional, but come in a range of finishes to compliment the aesthetics of your property and building. If you’re focused on visibility, a safety yellow powder coated bollard will stand out. On the other hand, for a sleek and modern appearance in front of shops or offices, a shiny stainless steel bollard with a sloped top will wow customers.

Protect Your Business with Security Bollards in Dandenong

Whether you’re looking to permanently restrict access to an area, or control traffic flow through your property, Supamaxx’s security bollards allow Dandenong businesses the option to choose.

Our fixed bollards, using concreted locking mechanisms or base plates, are able to withstand heavy impact and stay standing. Our removable range, through retraction, folding or lifting out, can be moved to permit access to spaces temporarily. We also offer card reader bollards, perfect for recording movement in and out of your property.

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Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

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