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Need to secure a Yarra Valley property? Supermaxx can fit out the area with purpose made security and parking bollards. Our Australian made products are the preferred perimeter security option of choice for major institutions including Woolworths, Coles, and Westfield.

Whether you are installing fixed or removable bollards, both options provide vital protection from vehicle crashes, ram raids and countless other security threats. We can supply products to councils, schools, shopping centres, commercial districts, industrial warehouses, and residential properties.

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Supamaxx Bollards provide a vast majority of security requirements from general to high security protection needs.

Parking Bollards For Sale in the Yarra Valley

Supamaxx bollards can be found in parking lots across the Greater Melbourne area. From town halls to industrial warehouses, shopping centres, schools and homes, our structures remain the option of choice for a wide variety of environments. In addition, Supamaxx’s range of parking bollards allow us to provide you with the best suited solution to you to match your budget or you site specific requirements.

Whether you need protection for a private or public parking lot, Supamaxx has an unmatched range of bollards for the Yarra Valley community. We offer a diverse range of manual and automated options that also come in a variety of sizes.

Security Bollards for Yarra Valley Properties

Without the necessary measures in place, both private and public properties are left vulnerable to a wide range of security threats. One of the best ways to secure your property is to invest in security bollards. From Yarra Valley to all areas of the city, we provide proven security solutions.

Supamaxx security bollards can be found across countless Melbourne locations, including Swinburne University, McDonalds (various outlets), DFO South Wharf and exclusive car dealerships. Our trusted solutions provide first-class protection and defence from vehicle crashes and ram raiding.

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Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

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