Removable Security Bollards


Supamaxx Bollards provide a vast majority of security requirements from general to high security protection needs.

When it comes to flexible options for parking, traffic or access control, removable security bollards from Supamaxx are an incredible option.

With the locking system embedded into the surrounding concrete, these bollards may be removable but once they are in place, they will hold strong against even heavy impacts.

The internal locking mechanism is tamper-proof, easy to use and allows any staff member with a key to quickly allow access to the space.

For areas where installation into concrete is not possible, Supamaxx can install surface mounted removable bollards. This line implements a mounted base plate which is minimally invasive but still allowing you to control access.

Why Supamaxx for Removable Security Bollards

Supamaxx’s entire range of removable security bollards are designed, manufactured and certified right here in Australia. This means you’re not only supporting local business, but you can be certain you are receiving high-quality and safe security options.

With over 20 years of experience in the security industry, Supamaxx truly understands what makes a bollard perform its best. We hire only skilled, qualified and trained individuals to install our bollards, as incorrect installation can result in reduced effectiveness, which is not what you want from security items.

To discuss your needs, receive personalised recommendations and a competitive quote, contact Supamaxx today.

Our Range of Removable Security Bollards

Supamaxx’s range of removable bollards include:

  • Standard Removable range – available in powder coated and stainless steel (flat and sloping top) finishes
  • Base Plate Removable range – available in powder coated and stainless steel (flat and sloping top) finishes
  • Padlock Removable range – available in powder coated finish

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Stainless Steel Removable Range
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Stainless Steel Slopping Fixed Range
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