Supamaxx Provides Premium Bollards in Box Hill

When it comes to securing your business, you need bollards you can rely on. That’s where Supamaxx comes in. As a trusted provider of premium bollards to major brands like Coles, Woolworths, and Box Hill Central, we have the expertise and experience to help you use bollards to protect your Box Hill business.


Supamaxx Bollards provide a vast majority of security requirements from general to high security protection needs.

Looking for Bollards for Sale in Box Hill? Choose Supamaxx

At Supamaxx, we take pride in designing, manufacturing, and quality testing all of our bollards in Australia. Our commitment to local production means that we can closely monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that every bollard meets our high standards of quality and safety, as well as allowing you the opportunity to support the Australian economy.

We offer a wide range of bollards for sale in Box Hill, including fixed, removable, and flexible options, with various finishes and features available to suit your specific needs. Whether you need to control access to a parking area, protect a storefront, or direct traffic flow, Supamaxx has the perfect bollard solution for you.

Protect Your Business with Security Bollards in Box Hill

Our security bollards are designed to withstand heavy impacts and provide reliable protection for your business. Whether you choose a fixed bollard for permanent security or a removable bollard for more flexibility, you can trust that our bollards will keep your property safe.

If you need to control access to certain areas, we also offer card reader bollards that allow you to monitor and restrict entry for authorised vehicles only. Additionally, we offer a range of finishes to ensure that your bollards not only function well but also look great on your property.

For more information or to receive a competitive quote for security bollards in Box Hill, contact Supamaxx today on 1300 22 55 21 or visit our website.

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Areas We Serve

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