Industrial Swing Gate

The Industrial Swing Gate system is designed and engineered to exacting calculations and standards with a strong emphasis on safety. Each Swing Gate system comprises the following important mechanical modules: the hinge support post, the gate leaf and the end post. Each gate is bolted to a concrete footing that is engineered to provide adequate weight to counterbalance the system. The combination of gate design and concrete footing allows the gate to swing out over the relevant road opening without tipping or sagging.

Up to 6 metre road widths (for a single gate) are standard within our product range. Twelve metre road coverage is available by utilising our dual gate option. Each Supamaxx  industrial swing gate is designed with automation features as standard. An industrial three-phase drive motor, PLC control logic, frequency invertor and proximity sensors are some of the highly advanced components used in Supamaxx’s product range. Each Supamaxx PLC system allows for special features and auxiliary equipment to be added without major parts redundancy, e.g. traffic light controls and card access readers.

Technical Data Swing Gate System

Gate Width

3 metres to 6 metres (variable) 

Gate Width Dual Leaf

3 metres to 12 metres (variable) 

Gate Height

2200mm standard

Gate Clearance

150mm nominal

Gate Finish

Hot dip galvanised (optional 2 pack paint)


0.55kw three phase brake motor

Gear Box

Helical (ratio’s variable)

Control Logic

 True PLC, 24v DC 

Drive Logic

 VSD 240v single phase to 240v three phase 

Power Supply

Regulated 240v to 24v DC

Safety (Pedestrian)

Photo beam Set (transmit and receiver type)

Safety (Vehicle)

 inductive loops & detectors, 24v DC, fail safe

Power Requirement

240v, 15 amp supply 


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Swing Gate PDF data sheet

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