Automated M50

Supamaxx Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Bollards product family offers solutions for entries where pedestrians may enter unhindered but vehicle traffic is to be stopped. The attractive design makes the bollard useable in inner city surroundings and can be used for city security and traffic management.

Applications can range from temporary closing of city centres – but still allowing vehicles with permission to pass – to real estate properties with high security needs. Supamaxx products are widely used on military sites, at government buildings, embassies, banks and city centres.

All movable bollards are equipped with an integrated hydraulic drive. The advantages of this drive technology are maximum power transmission and working reliability under most adverse weather conditions. During power failure the bollards can be lowered manually. The blocking width can be varied by the number of bollards in a row. Up to five bollards can be operated with one common control unit.

Technical Data Automated M50 Bollard


High security bollard in compact style with integrated hydraulic aggregate incl. EFO and separate control unit for up to five bollard units.

Impact Load

1852 kJ (7.5 t @ 80 km/h)
Crash test certified according to PAS 68:2013
IWA 14-1:2013 V/7200[N3C]/80/90:5.5 and ASTM F 2656-07 M50/P2

Blocking Element

Diameter: 355 mm, 30 mm wall thickness 

Blocking Height

 1100 mm above finished floor level 

Emergency Operation

Bollard remains in the raised position power failure and can be lowered manually during 

Operating Times 

Raising: approx. 5-6 seconds Lowering: approx. 5-6 seconds

Emergency fast operation (EFO)

Approx. 2-3 seconds raising 


2.25 kW nominal power, 400 Volt AC, three phase, 50 Hz

Hydraulic Fluid

Mineral oil HLP 22 or biodegradable oil Plantohyd 22 S, non-hazardous to water

Colour (Optional)

Other RAL colours or DB colours

Control Unit

PLC in control box for wall installation inside a building, control voltage 24 V max distance between bollard  and control unit: 50 m

Control Box

Control unit configuration Standard/Plus:
HxWxD = 400x400x200 mm, IP 66 (for single bollard unit)
HxWxD = 600x400x200 mm, IP 66 (for double and triple bollard unit)
HxWxD = 600x600x200 mm, IP 66 (for quadruple and penta bollard unit)

Control unit configuration Vario:
HxWxD = 600x400x200 mm, IP 66 (for single and double bollard unit)
HxWxD = 600x600x200 mm, IP 66 (for triple up to penta bollard unit) 

Control unit configuration Vario RO1:
HxWxD = 800x400x300 mm, IP 66 (for single and double bollard unit)
HxWxD = 800x600x200 mm, IP 66 (for triple up to penta bollard unit)

Control Cabinet 

Control box installed in outdoor control cabinet complete with rain cover, hygrostat, thermostat, heater and outdoor coating
HxWxD = 1000x800x400 mm + 200 mm socket (for control unit configuration Vario)
HxWxD = 1200x1200x400 mm + 200 mm socket (for control unit configuration Vario RO1)

Supply voltage:

400 V (3Ph + N + PE), 50 Hz

Lighting (Optional)

Bollard top lighting, Ufo-shape, LED red, white or yellow 


Approx. 1400 kg incl. Metal housing

Colour (Standard)

Blocking element RAL 6005, 7016, 7030, 7035 or 9010 Bollard top plate galvanised finish Cover plate galvanised finish Metal housing galvanised finish

Optional Finish

Blocking element with stainless steel sleeve and stainless steel top plate 

Temperature Range

-20°C – 65°C 


Heating for up to -30°C


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