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Seen as a necessity to protect such sites from threats by activists, political protesters or terrorists, extensive equivocate measures are taken to ensure political peace is inherent. Frequently, outdoor spaces are moderately restricted – with perimeter security usually located very close to the building, commonly observed in environments highly patronised by pedestrians or traffic. Supamaxx crash-tested and internationally certified bollards and gates are ideal choices when looking at securing these types of regulatory environments.

Long-term expertise and experience

Supamaxx’s high-security product range offers a substantial and proven myriad of solutions to cater primarily for situations required for protecting Embassies and Governmental sites as well as preventing vehicular access for those security requirements. Our range covers all the popular models, with our designers modifying to suit a variety of site-specific needs.


Design requests like decorative gates or railings can be combined with modern outdoor monitoring systems, allowing for both an aesthetic design and integrated security solutions.

Security for governmental buildings is a necessity to prevent attacks. Administrative structures like embassies form attractive targets for crime and as a result, can cripple a country without even travelling into its territories.

Government Buildings and Embassy Security Products

Security Gates

Supamaxx™ Swing Gates offer high quality perimeter protection to ensure that your entrance points are both well protected and accessible. 

Fixed Bollards

M50 Fixed Bollards offer a rigid steel tube as the blocking element and are available in different sizes. 

Automated Bollards

All Automated  bollards are equipped with an integrated hydraulic drive. This allows for increased access to necessary areas.

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