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Security products for harbour protection

Supamaxx’s portfolio of security solutions are tested and designed to shield against unauthorised access, where the unobstructed entry for certain people must be warranted. Such products to consider are; Supmaxx’s hydraulic bollards and quick folding gates which are highly suitable for these types of sites – temporarily releasing access to areas that generally need to be kept closed. Supmaxx’s comprehensive offerings also include a range of mechanical systems.

Efficient solutions

Supmaxx offers a range of practical security solutions that consider the everyday logistics of harbours and seaports, creating a system that provides the utmost protection, however, doesn’t interfere with transport routes in working areas.

Harbours and more importantly seaports are known as sensitive areas and can make up a highly complex environment. Falling under strict international law and due to a rapid rise in organised crime and increased terrorist threats these areas must be continually protected.

Marina and Harbour Products

Security Gates

Supamaxx™ Swing Gates offer high quality perimeter protection to ensure that your entrance points are both well protected and accessible. 

Automated Bollard

All Automated  bollards are equipped with an integrated hydraulic drive. This allows for increased access to necessary areas.

Fixed Bollard

M50 Fixed Bollards offer a rigid steel tube as the blocking element and are available in different sizes. 

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